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Clean White Desk iMac Mockup (Free)

Resolution: 5120 x 2880 pixels
File Size: 24 MB

A photo based iMac mockup on clean white desk real environment suitable for designers, bloggers and creators in marketing, sales or growth campaigns. The mockup pack features a high-resolution photo with 10 customizable photo filters. 

Workspace iMac Mockup Vintage Scene Ep 2

Resolution: 2048 x 1346 pixels
File Size: 12.5 MB

New vintage style workspace second mockup (download first design here) with iMac screen. You can customize or change the screen as you need.

Workspace iMac and Wall Photo Frames Mockup

Resolution: 2200 x 1600
File Size: 47.2 MB

iMac Mockup in a photo based realistic workspace interior room with two wall photo frames. Great to present your web app and photos with 5 color effects for your preferred looks.

Vintage Workspace iMac Mockup

Resolution: 2080 x 1450 pixels
File Size: 25.8 MB

Exclusive mockup of vintage style workspace scene with iMac customizable screen and glare features. You can easily change the screen placing your design with smart layers and add/remove glares.

iMac and Photo Frame Workspace Mockup

Resolution: 3000 x 2000 pixels
File Size: 31 MB

This Workspace presentation features iMac mockup in a photo based realistic workspace interior room with wall photo frame. A cool set to present your applications and photographs in preferred looks.

Workspace iMac Free Mockup PSD

Resolution: 5587 x 3725
File Size: 36.5 MB

A handy elegant workspace mockup template with iMac to present your creative work in a very unique way. You can showcase your website themes, posters and more amazing designs with this mockup.

New iMac Pro Mockup

Resolution: 3420 x 2650 pixels
File Size: 7.6 MB

The clean design new iMac Pro mockup in front view scene. PSD Mockup template is designed with customizable background and screen smart object.

20 Free Mock-up Bundle

Resolution: 3000 x 2500 pixels
File Size: 910 MB
Layers: Smart Layers

This exclusive mockup bundle includes 20 Unique Mockup that you can use in diverse design projects. These free mockups were designed by Lukasz Bachur.

10 Best Free Apple iMac Mockup Templates

Mockups are usually required to present your UI designs, branding or client projects. Whatever you do in designs I believe you should have the best presentation of your work. UI designs can be showcased effectively showing responsive designs in various devices through mockup templates, many great templates of which you can get for free online.

Here is a list of the best free Apple iMac PSD mock ups which can be used to place your web design and apps design. All the iMac mockup templates are in smart object layered PSD format, and can be easily customized, color changed, texts and add your own contents through Photoshop to fit your design works.

iMac WorkStation Desk Mockup

27 Inch iMac Mockup PSD

iMac Mockup WorkStation Home Office Desk

iMac on Floating Desk PSD Mockup

Stylish iMac Mockup AB

White iMac Template PSD Mockup

Feminine Workspace iMac on Desk 

5k iMac PSD Workspace Mockup

Home Office Desk iMac Mockup

Workspace iMac Two Screens Mockup

iMac 27 Inch Mockup

Resolution: 4000 x 2500 pixels
File Size: 23.4 MB

This iMac photoshop mockup templates is ideal to display your high resolution designs. The mockup design PSD file is created with smart object layers.

iMac in Home Office Mockup

Resolution: 4200 x 3200 pixels
File Size: 45 MB
Layers: Smart Layers

This free Home Office iMac mockup features a white iMac on a home office desk. The PSD file includes smart layers to place your artwork.

iMac on Floating Desk Mockup

Resolution: 2100 x 1400 pixels
File Size: 99 MB
Layers: Smart Layers

This mockup features a modern home office with iMac on floating desk. The free mockup PSD file comes with smart objects layers.

Stylish iMac Mockup

Resolution: 2400 x 1800 pixels
File Size: 24 MB
Layers: Smart Layers

This mockup features a iMac screen with a stylish backgrounds. The free mockup PSD file has smart objects to easily insert your designs.

White iMac on Desk Mockup

Resolution: 4200 x 3200 pixels
File Size: 45 MB
Layers: Smart Layers

This iMac mockup shows a white iMac on desk with a headphone near. The PSD file includes smart layers for placing your design on screen.